UPS Packaging Advice Tool - How to Send a Package

Packaging Advisor

Get Packaging Guidelines

Tell us about your shipment and we will create a customised list of packaging guidelines. Select any combination of up to 15 pre-defined categories or enter your own information, and then select View Guidelines to continue. Be aware that for dangerous goods shipments, applicable government regulations may specify the minimum packaging requirements and/or any other dangerous goods requirements for the merchandise. Check with your UPS representative to get more information on packaging dangerous goods. Note: Common items that may be regulated in transportation as dangerous goods are indicated with asterisks below. See a full list of these items by selecting Common Items That May Be Hazardous.

What do you want to ship?

Step One: What do you want to ship

Select one or more merchandise categories.

Do you have merchandise that does not fit any of the categories above?

Select Add My Own if you need to enter additional merchandise descriptions and details.

What is the combined size and weight?

Step Two: enter combined size and weight

Enter the combined length, width, height, and aggregate weight

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