UPS My Choice?

Tired of missed deliveries?

Embracing change can be easy.

Planning for package deliveries just got easier. With UPS My Choice®, you get up-to-date delivery alerts and can track multiple package statuses in a calendar view. Whether online or by mobile, we help you put your plans ahead of the package.

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Who This Is For

Individuals and home-based businesses with occasional package delivery needs.

Plan ahead for deliveries

When you sign up for UPS My Choice®, we alert you to changes in your package status, from the time it ships to the time it arrives.

With your UPS My Choice Membership, you can set your preferences—like SMS text or email alerts—and determine your priorities when it comes to receiving your UPS deliveries.

  • Delivery Alerts

    UPS My Choice® Delivery Alerts inform you about your inbound UPS deliveries so you can plan your day.

  • Delivery Planner

    Get a day, week or month's view of all eligible inbound UPS packages, and reschedule or redirect your packages as needed.

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